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Список электронных полнотекстовых журналов издательства Sage Publications

1.  Accounting History 
2.  Acta Sociologica 
3.  Action Research 
4.  Active Learning in Higher Education 
5.  Adaptive Behavior 
6.  Administration & Society 
7.  Adult Education Quarterly 
8.  Advances in Dental Research 
9.  Advances in Developing Human Resources 
11.American Behavioral Scientist 
12.American Educational Research Journal 
13.American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias 
14.American Journal of Evaluation 
15.American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine 
16.American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine 
17.American Journal of Medical Quality 
18.American Journal of Men's Health 
19.The American Journal of Sports Medicine 
20.American Politics Research 
21.The American Review of Public Administration 
24.The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 
25.Anthropological Theory 
26.Applied Psychological Measurement 
27.Armed Forces & Society 
28.Arts and Humanities in Higher Education 
29.Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources 
30.Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health 
31.Asian Journal of Management Cases 
33.Assessment for Effective Intervention 
35.Behavior Modification 
36.Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Reviews 
37.Biblical Theology Bulletin: A Journal of Bible and Theology 
38.Biological Research For Nursing 
39.Body & Society 
40.The British Journal of Diabetes & Vascular Disease 
41.British Journal of Visual Impairment 
42.British Journalism Review 
43.Building Services Engineering Research and Technology 
44.Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society 
45.Business & Society 
46.Business Communication Quarterly 
47.Business Information Review 
48.Canadian Journal of School Psychology 
49.Career Development for Exceptional Individuals 
51.Child Language Teaching and Therapy 
52.Child Maltreatment 
54.China Information 
55.China Report 
56.Chronic Illness 
57.Chronic Respiratory Disease 
59.Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis 
60.Clinical Case Studies 
61.Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry 
62.Clinical Nursing Research 
63.Clinical Pediatrics 
64.Clinical Rehabilitation 
65.Clinical Trials 
66.Clothing and Textiles Research Journal 
67.Communication Disorders Quarterly 
68.Communication Research 
69.Community College Review 
70.Comparative Political Studies 
71.Compensation & Benefits Review 
72.Complementary Health Practice Review 
73.Concurrent Engineering 
74.Conflict Management and Peace Science 
75.Contributions to Indian Sociology 
76.Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies 
77.Cooperation and Conflict 
78.Cornell Hospitality Quarterly 
79.The Counseling Psychologist 
80.Crime & Delinquency 
81.Crime, Media, Culture 
82.Criminology and Criminal Justice 
83.Criminal Justice and Behavior 
84.Criminal Justice Policy Review 
85.Criminal Justice Review 
86.Critical Reviews in Oral Biology & Medicine 
87.Critical Social Policy 
88.Critical Sociology 
89.Critique of Anthropology 
90.Cross-Cultural Research 
91.Cultural Dynamics 
92.Cultural Geographies 
93.Cultural Sociology 
94.Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies 
95.Culture & Psychology 
96.Current Sociology 
97.Currents in Biblical Research 
99.Diabetes and Vascular Disease Research 
100. The Diabetes Educator 
101. Diogenes 
102. Discourse & Communication 
103. Discourse & Society 
104. Discourse Studies 
105. East European Politics & Societies 
106. Economic and Industrial Democracy 
107. Economic Development Quarterly 
108. Education and Urban Society 
109. Education, Citizenship and Social Justice 
110. Educational Administration Quarterly 
111. Educational and Psychological Measurement 
112. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 
113. Educational Management Administration & Leadership 
114. Educational Policy 
115. Educational Researcher 
116. Emotion Review 
117. Environment and Behavior 
118. Environment and Urbanization 
119. Ethnicities 
120. Ethnography 
121. European History Quarterly 
122. European Journal of Archaeology 
123. European Journal of Communication 
124. European Journal of Criminology 
125. European Journal of Cultural Studies 
126. European Journal of Industrial Relations 
127. European Journal of International Relations 
128. European Journal of Political Theory 
129. European Journal of Social Theory 
130. European Journal of Women's Studies 
131. European Physical Education Review 
132. European Union Politics 
133. European Urban and Regional Studies 
134. Evaluation 
135. Evaluation & the Health Professions 
136. Evaluation Review 
137. The Expository Times 
138. Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal 
139. Family Business Review 
140. The Family Journal 
141. Feminism & Psychology 
142. Feminist Criminology 
143. Feminist Theology 
144. Feminist Theory 
145. Field Methods 
146. First Language 
147. Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities 
148. Food Science and Technology International 
149. Foot & Ankle Specialist 
150. French Cultural Studies 
151. Games and Culture 
152. Gender & Society 
153. Gender, Technology and Development 
154. General Music Today 
155. Gifted Child Quarterly 
156. Global Business Review 
157. Global Health Promotion 
158. Global Journal of Emerging Market Economies 
159. Global Media and Communication 
160. Global Social Policy 
161. Group & Organization Management 
162. Group Analysis 
163. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations 
164. Health Education & Behavior 
165. Health Education Journal 
166. Health Informatics Journal 
167. Health Promotion Practice 
168. Health: 
169. High Performance Polymers 
170. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences 
171. History of Psychiatry 
172. History of the Human Sciences 
173. The Holocene 
174. Home Health Care Management & Practice 
175. Homicide Studies 
176. Human & Experimental Toxicology 
177. Human Factors: The Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 
178. Human Relations 
179. Human Resource Development Review 
180. ICAN: Infant, Child, & Adolescent Nutrition 
181. IFLA Journal 
182. Improving Schools 
183. India Quarterly: A Journal of International Affairs 
184. Indian Economic & Social History Review 
185. Indian Journal of Gender Studies 
186. Indoor and Built Environment 
187. Information Development 
188. Innate Immunity 
189. Integrative Cancer Therapies 
190. International Communication Gazette 
191. International Criminal Justice Review 
192. International Journal of Behavioral Development 
193. International Journal of Bilingualism 
194. International Journal of Comparative Sociology 
195. International Journal of Cross Cultural Management 
196. International Journal of Cultural Studies 
197. International Journal of Damage Mechanics 
198. International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications 
199. The International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds 
200. International Journal of Music Education 
201. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology 
202. The International Journal of Press/Politics 
203. The International Journal of Robotics Research 
204. International Journal of Rural Management 
205. International Journal of Social Psychiatry 
206. International Journal of Surgical Pathology 
207. International Journal of Toxicology 
208. International Political Science Abstracts 
209. International Political Science Review 
210. International Regional Science Review 
211. International Relations 
212. International Review for the Sociology of Sport 
213. International Review of Administrative Sciences 
214. International Small Business Journal 
215. International Social Work 
216. International Sociology 
217. International Studies 
218. Intervention in School and Clinic 
219. Irish Theological Quarterly 
220. Journal for the Study of the New Testament 
221. Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 
222. Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha 
223. Journal of Adolescent Research 
224. Journal of Aging and Health 
225. The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 
226. Journal of Applied Gerontology 
227. Journal of Asian and African Studies 
228. Journal of Attention Disorders 
229. Journal of Bioactive and Compatible Polymers 
230. Journal of Biological Rhythms 
231. Journal of Biomaterials Applications 
232. Journal of Biomolecular Screening 
233. Journal of Black Psychology 
234. Journal of Black Studies 
235. Journal of Building Physics 
236. Journal of Business and Technical Communication 
237. Journal of Business Communication 
238. Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics 
239. Journal of Career Assessment 
240. Journal of Career Development 
241. Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership 
242. Journal of Cellular Plastics 
243. Journal of Child Health Care 
244. Journal of Child Neurology 
245. Journal of Classical Sociology 
246. The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 
247. The Journal of Commonwealth Literature 
248. Journal of Communication Inquiry 
249. Journal of Composite Materials 
250. Journal of Conflict Resolution 
251. Journal of Consumer Culture 
252. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 
253. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 
254. Journal of Contemporary History 
255. Journal of Correctional Health Care 
256. Journal of Creative Communications 
257. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 
258. The Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation: Applications, Methodology, Technology 
259. Journal of Dental Research 
260. Journal of Developing Societies 
261. Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography 
262. Journal of Disability Policy Studies 
263. The Journal of Early Adolescence 
264. Journal of Early Childhood Literacy 
265. Journal of Early Childhood Research 
266. Journal of Early Intervention 
267. Journal of Education for Sustainable Development 
268. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics 
269. Journal of Elastomers and Plastics 
270. Journal of Emerging Market Finance 
271. Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders 
272. Journal of English Linguistics 
273. Journal of Entrepreneurship 
274. The Journal of Environment & Development 
275. Journal of European Social Policy 
276. Journal of European Studies 
277. Journal of Family History 
278. Journal of Family Issues 
279. Journal of Family Nursing 
280. Journal of Fire Protection Engineering 
281. Journal of Fire Sciences 
282. Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neurology 
283. Journal of Hand Surgery (European Volume) 
284. Journal of Health Management 
285. Journal of Health Psychology 
286. Journal of Hispanic Higher Education 
287. Journal of Holistic Nursing 
288. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research 
289. Journal of Human Lactation 
290. Journal of Human Values 
291. Journal of Humanistic Psychology 
292. Journal of Industrial Relations 
293. Journal of Industrial Textiles 
294. Journal of Infection Prevention 
295. Journal of Information Science 
296. Journal of Intellectual Disabilities 
297. Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures 
298. Journal of Intensive Care Medicine 
299. Journal of Interpersonal Violence 
300. Journal of Language and Social Psychology 
301. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies 
302. Journal of Learning Disabilities 
303. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science 
304. Journal of Macromarketing 
305. Journal of Management 
306. Journal of Management Education 
307. Journal of Management Inquiry 
308. Journal of Marketing Education 
309. Journal of Material Culture 
310. Journal of Mixed Methods Research 
311. Journal of Music Teacher Education 
312. Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice 
313. Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition 
314. Journal of Peace Research 
315. Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing 
316. Journal of Pharmacy Practice 
317. Journal of Planning Education and Research 
318. Journal of Planning History 
319. Journal of Planning Literature 
320. Journal of Plastic Film and Sheeting 
321. Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions 
322. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment 
323. Journal of Psychopharmacology 
324. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites 
325. Journal of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 
326. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 
327. Journal of Research in International Education 
328. Journal of Research in Music Education 
329. Journal of Research in Nursing 
330. Journal of Sandwich Structures and Materials 
331. The Journal of School Nursing 
332. Journal of Service Research 
333. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships 
334. Journal of Social Archaeology 
335. Journal of Social Work 
336. Journal of Sociology 
337. Journal of South Asian Development 
338. The Journal of Special Education 
339. Journal of Sport & Social Issues 
340. Journal of Sports Economics 
341. Journal of Studies in International Education 
342. Journal of Teacher Education 
343. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 
344. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association 
345. Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association 
346. Journal of the International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (JIAPAC) 
347. Journal of Theoretical Politics 
348. Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials 
349. Journal of Transcultural Nursing 
350. Journal of Transformative Education 
351. Journal of Travel Research 
352. Journal of Urban History 
353. Journal of Vacation Marketing 
354. Journal of Vibration and Control 
355. Journal of Visual Culture 
356. Journal of Wide Bandgap Materials 
357. Journalism 
358. Labor Studies Journal 
359. Language and Literature 
360. Language and Speech 
361. Language Teaching Research 
362. Language Testing 
363. Latin American Perspectives 
364. Law, Culture and the Humanities 
365. Leadership 
366. Lighting Research and Technology 
367. Lupus 
368. Management & Organizational History 
369. Management Communication Quarterly 
370. Management in Education 
371. Management Learning 
372. Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research 
373. Marketing Theory 
374. Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids 
375. Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development 
376. Media, Culture & Society 
377. Media, War & Conflict 
378. Medical Care Research and Review 
379. Medical Decision Making 
380. The Medieval History Journal 
381. Memory Studies 
382. Men and Masculinities 
383. Millennium - Journal of International Studies 
384. Modern China 
385. Multiple Sclerosis 
386. Music and Medicine 
387. Music Educators Journal 
388. NASN School Nurse 
389. NASSP Bulletin 
390. National Institute Economic Review 
391. Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair 
392. The Neuroscientist 
393. New Media & Society 
394. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 
395. Nursing Ethics 
396. Nursing Science Quarterly 
397. Nutrition in Clinical Practice 
398. Organization 
399. Organization & Environment 
400. Organization Studies 
401. Organizational Research Methods 
402. Palliative Medicine 
403. Party Politics 
404. Perfusion 
405. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 
406. Personality and Social Psychology Review 
407. Perspectives in Public Health 
408. Perspectives in Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy 
409. Philosophy & Social Criticism 
410. Philosophy of the Social Sciences 
411. Planning Theory 
412. Police Quarterly 
413. Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice 
414. Political Research Quarterly 
415. Political Theory 
416. Politics & Society 
417. Politics, Philosophy & Economics 
418. The Prison Journal 
419. Probation Journal 
420. Progress in Development Studies 
421. Progress in Human Geography 
422. Progress in Physical Geography 
423. Psychology & Developing Societies 
424. Psychology of Music 
425. Public Finance Review 
426. Public Policy and Administration 
427. Public Understanding of Science 
428. Public Works Management & Policy 
429. Punishment & Society 
430. Qualitative Health Research 
431. Qualitative Inquiry 
432. Qualitative Research 
433. Qualitative Social Work 
434. Race & Class 
435. Rationality and Society 
436. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin 
437. RELC Journal 
438. Remedial and Special Education 
439. Reproductive Sciences 
440. Research on Aging 
441. Research on Social Work Practice 
442. Research Studies in Music Education 
443. Reuse/Recycle Newsletter 
444. Review of Educational Research 
445. Review of Market Integration 
446. Review of Public Personnel Administration 
447. Review of Radical Political Economics 
448. Review of Research in Education 
449. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health 
450. School Psychology International 
451. Science Communication 
452. Science Technology & Society 
453. Science, Technology & Human Values 
454. Second Language Research 
455. Security Dialogue 
456. Seminars in Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia 
457. Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment 
458. Sexualities 
460. Simulation & Gaming 
461. Small Group Research 
462. Social & Legal Studies 
463. Social Compass 
464. Social Science Computer Review 
465. Social Science Information 
466. Social Studies of Science 
467. Sociological Methods & Research 
468. Sociology 
469. South Asia Economic Journal 
470. South Asia Research 
471. South Asian Survey 
472. Space and Culture 
473. Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach 
474. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 
475. Statistical Modelling 
476. Strategic Organization 
477. Structural Health Monitoring 
478. Studies in Christian Ethics 
479. Studies in History 
480. Surgical Innovation 
481. Teacher Education and Special Education: The Journal of the Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children 
482. Television & New Media 
483. Textile Research Journal 
484. Theology and Sexuality 
485. Theoretical Criminology 
486. Theory & Psychology 
487. Theory and Research in Education 
488. Theory, Culture & Society 
489. Therapeutic Advances in Cardiovascular Disease 
490. Therapeutic Advances in Gastroenterology 
491. Therapeutic Advances in Medical Oncology 
492. Therapeutic Advances in Neurological Disorders 
493. Therapeutic Advances in Respiratory Disease 
494. Therapeutic Advances in Urology 
495. Thesis Eleven 
496. Time & Society 
497. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education 
498. Tourist Studies 
499. Toxicologic Pathology 
500. Toxicology and Industrial Health 
501. Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control 
502. Transcultural Psychiatry 
503. Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies 
504. Trauma 
505. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse 
506. Traumatology 
507. Trends in Amplification 
508. Update: Applications of Research in Music Education 
509. Urban Affairs Review 
510. Urban Education 
511. Urban Studies 
512. Vascular and Endovascular Surgery 
513. Vascular Medicine 
514. Violence Against Women 
515. Visual Communication 
516. War in History 
517. Waste Management & Research 
518. Western Journal of Nursing Research 
519. Word of Mouth 
520. Work and Occupations 
521. Work, Employment & Society 
522. Written Communication 
523. Young 
524. Young Exceptional Children 
525. Youth & Society 
526. Youth Justice
527. Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice 
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